The traditional Bantu kingdom of Ankole in Uganda, which dates back to the 15th century, has maintained peace throughout its history despite the existence of a social caste structure between the Bahima and the Bairu. They were ruled by a king known as Mugabe or Omugabe, who reigned until the country was abolished by President Milton Obote. The Bahima are a herding people whose wealth is measured by the number of cattle they have accumulated over time.

The Banyan Kohler (also known as Manakole) are a group of people who live in western Uganda in the districts of Mbarara, Bushenyi, Ntungamo, Kiruhura, Ibanda, Isingiro, and Ntungamo. They are also known as Banyankole (also known as Manakole). Prior to the dissolution of the monarchy, they had a distinctive marriage ceremony. There were rites and processes that the Ankole people went through, just as there were in many African tribes. When it comes to her niece’s behavior at home, the aunt assumes full responsibility. It’s for this reason that aunts start giving beneficial counsel to their nieces when they’re young adolescents. The ultimate purpose is to prepare them for the challenges of a woman’s life.


So it may come as a surprise and perhaps be scandalous to learn that when it comes to marriage, these ladies also take the time to educate their nieces for the responsibilities that lay ahead. As a result, the aunt conducts a test to determine the manhood of the future husband before to the wedding. Yes, by sharing a bed with him in order to test his sexual potency in bed. After that, the aunt herself confirms that her niece is a virgin by asking her whether she is. In order for the bride and groom to be able to complete their marriage. After the wedding, it is common for the aunt to accompany the bride and husband as they take their first steps into their new house.






She can assist the bride and groom in making love in order to demonstrate proper sexual behavior. Marriage is extremely important to the Banyankole tribe of Uganda, and they value it much. They are kept at home from the age of eight onwards in order to concentrate on their physical development. It is in this manner that they are fed milk and beef. Among the Banyankole, the roundness of a woman’s body is considered a measure of her beauty. The rounder your body is, the more valuable you are to the men of this tribe, and the more valuable you are to them. When the young lady begins to develop breasts, her parents advise her to refrain from engaging in any sexual activities. In the case of the kid, it is his father who finds him a wife

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