Mai TT Responds To Allegations That Fiancee Tinashe Maphosa Recorded Her Calls & Akavarova

After reading this , one might wonder what Tatelicious , Sheppy and Gogo Ravhunesi Samas still have to torment Mai Tt.

The rumours have been circulating each and everyday and a V11 is released to back it up soon after.A lot seems to be happening in America for Mai Tt and her fans cant wait to see her safe by goung back home in Zimbabwe


This is what Mai Tt posted after she was exposed by Tatelicious.

Yes I was wrong in talking to another whilst in the house of another . No man tolerates that , couples fight some even fight physically some end up killing each other .

No relationship is perfect there are hiccups here n there but people talk it out and makeup. 

Never a day did this man lay a hand on me the only thing he did was ask me why I tolerated another whilst in his house . He had every right to be angry 

 I’m even lucky he forgave me . These voicenotes keep popping out because they are being released bit by bit to act as if this is something happening now . I know Shepherd recorded this because he was on the fone and gave to Loveness, Loveness gave to Taterishas who is now twisting that Tinashe recorded and gave to his girlfriend.

I know all this is being done to destroy the relationship but it will not work. It shall never work. I’m going to fight for this one 

 till God knows when . 

I messed and I was forgiven that is all that matters as for this Shepherd im sorry I had to stop the flirting and you became a bitter man. I decided to stop then you decide to blackmail me , please continue but it’s not going to stop Tinashe Maphosa from loving me .

We had what we had it’s gone . I learnt from my mess and it will never happen. It’s too late to breakup and it’s not going to happen anytime. Anything that is coming out now it’s old news . Voicenotes will keep coming but they won’t change anything.

All those calling me . I’m ok we are ok. 

People who keep calling checking up on me . Thank you I appreciate your concern. 

I love you and Godbless you. 

God is in it .


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