A Zimbabwean comedian-Mai Titi shared her experience with a traditional healer who seem to have intentions to initiate her rather than help her.

Felistas Murata shared with her fans that a traditional healer foretold her death day. In helping her the healer added that she was supposed to bring clothing materials to the river.

Mai Titi says she is scared because from the day she has received the death message she has been having death nightmares and day dreaming sinking.

The mother of two added that the man is haunting her in dreams. Despite the fact that he claims his source to be powerful, Mai Titi says she is praying against the prophecy as she believes the power of life and death is in the hands of the Almighty.

The comedian said she is scared that this might have something to do with initiation “selling her soul” than helping as the healer claims.


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