Comedian and Music Artist, Mai Titi promised to brutally beat Evidence Chihera for mistreating Soul Jah Love.

According to Mai Titi the late Soul Musaka was her best friend and she understood him so much. Sometimes they traveled together for shows and they also had collaborations.

However, Mai Titi is losing it as one of the socialites and musician, Evidence Chihera showed up at Jah Love’s Funeral claiming that she understood him and she is hurt.

Evidence Chihera’s video went viral that she took Soul Jah Love being beaten by fans after failing to attend a show due to diabetic problems that went beyond control.

Mai Titi warned Evidence on stabbing other artists back to exalt herself and told her that she won’t get anywhere without other people’s support.

Fuming Felisats gave the socialite her address number and said she wants a one on one fight with her “ndoda kukukwapaidza” she added.

Although Evidence Chihera apologized to Soul Jah Love’s fans for mistreating him, Mai Titi still finds no reason for her to send condolence messages.

Evidence noted that she took the video after they had planned together a show and published fliers with Jah Love. This which was followed by his failure to show up at the show. Fans wanted to Beat her so she took that video to protect herself from the wrath of fans.

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