Freddy Manjalima know as Kapfupi displayed a joyful smile as his son performed one of his love songs.

Kapfupi’s son who has ventured into music industry performed in front of his supportive parents who expressed emotions as they danced to their melodies of their son in Dr Bond’s studio.

Kapfupi is a musician who once dropped ‘Mai anga’ song that broke the internet in his times and made him popular upto now.

Freddy Manjalima has a signature dressing. He wears a trousers that has one long leg and one three quarter size. For the jacket it’s one long arm and one short.

There are no doubts that Kapfupi Yut is following the good steps of his father and if he keeps working hard he can dominate in the Industry.

His dressing is the same as that of his father and one can easily tell that the boy is doing what he loves by seeing him perform his songs.

Special Thanks to Dr Bond for making the young man’s dream come true.

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