In Pictures: Kairo Forbes, South Africa’s top-earning child and her business deals

Ever come across branded images on Instagram and thought it was a coincidence? No someone is raking in money for that; that’s what Instagram influencers do. This article looks at 6-year-old child influencer Kairo Forbes who is getting advertising deals at a tender age in South Africa.

Kairo Forbes

Instagram Influence: One Million followers

Dj Zihle and rapper AKA’s daughter 6-year-old Kairo Forbes has brands lining up with business deals. Top South African clothing and baby accessories brands have fallen over their heels to collaborate with her.

With over one million followers on Instagram, Kairo is the most followed South African kid; her Instagram account is managed by her paternal grandmother and digital marketing specialist Lynn Forbes.

Kairo Forbes business deals

Lifebuoy South Africa

She signed a two-year business deal worth R 8 million with Lifebuoy South Africa, marketed by Unilever. The deal comprises an educational scholarship up to degree level, birthday sponsorships over the contracted period, monthly R 8 000 allowances and once-off R 1.1 million in donations to a charity of her own choice.

Nutriday South Africa

The yoghurt manufacturer Nutriday paid Kairo a stunning R 5.8 million to be their brand ambassador and face of their promotional competitions.


Nivea South Africa

Before her 5th birthday, Kairo signed a six-month R 1.9 million advertising contract with Skincare giants Nivea.

Her parents have had her work with Truworths, Disney Africa and her mom’s popular Jewelry and watch brand, Era by DJ Zinhle.


How much does Kairo charge for one Instagram Advert?

With so much child influence Kairo has and over one million followers, Kairo’s marketing team, lead by Glammy Lynn Forbes, charges R 18 000 per Instagram advert.


What car does Kairo Drive?

Kairo owns several cars – well, the mini versions anyway; in December 2020, she was gifted a mini Ford Raptor by a Ford Automotive Dealership located in Bruma Johannesburg






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