Kudakwashe Chapepa well known as Kae Chaps released an emotional song ‘juzi’ that blew a lot of hearts and triggered feelings of those who were heartbroken before.

“Juzi” is a unique song of a heartbroken man who is traumatized by his girlfriend that he loved so much. The man wants the lover to come and collect her particulars since they remind him of nothing but pain. It’s such a shame that our generation has normalized fake love as the way to go.

Kae Chaps has set the entertainment scene alight and his song has become talk of the town.

The video has gone viral!

And, for Kae Chaps, the song is about his real life story. He broke up with his long time girlfriend and she left a pink jersey at his house; each time he sees the jersey, it reminds him of the past.

The Rugare-based musician revealed that the song was directed at his ex-girlfriend.

He said he had moved on and had since forgiven her.

“I recorded the song two weeks ago on a Friday, after being inspired by my breakup with my girlfriend whom I have dated for five months. I released it the following Tuesday and then on Wednesday she heard the song and called me, telling me that it has been on her playlist,” he said.

“We spoke for a while and she was interested and trying to act as everything was normal but I told her, I am no longer playing that.I have moved on. I am no longer seeing her the same way as before,” he said.

He said the song took him a day to write and wanted to express himself through the song.

“I was hurt. The song is real and what you see on the video on social media is actually me and how I felt. After we uploaded the song, the next day it was already trending on social media,” he said.

“It was already on 11 000 hits and I was shocked. I am happy how big artists are even endorsing the song.

The song is emotional and it speaks my heart. I was depressed. I had other heart-breaks before but this one was very strong as it hit me hard. I later accepted fate and started 2021 on a new note,” Kae Chaps said.

The 24-year-old said he thought about the idea of “Juzi” as a start of a point because he vividly remembers what happened on the break-up.

“These types of songs are much easier for me because I thought about the idea and found a proper beat. I have been that artist who always loved to write the truth, portraying what is actually happening. I had to find a proper beat for the words I had written and my producer Dj Futronic of Y-Not Media did a sterling job. The video was shot by Malvern Njewa. I am that artiste who always loves to play vulnerable in his music and expresses emotions,” he said.

Kae Chaps has been in the music industry for about seven years as an underground musician.

“This is not the only song I have. I have done others, it is just that this one found fame and I am enjoying it. I can say I am an alternative hip-hop musician because I feel I can sing any genre as long as I have the sound (melody) that I want to express myself,” he said.

Source: The Herald

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