Shalom Family!

We would like to offer you an update. Jay Israel continues to be in Police custody. Over the last week, since his arrest, several individuals have taken the opportunity to make malicious and unfounded allegations in an attempt to make sure Jay Israel stays in prison. We can never stop people from making allegations if they are wronged, however the timing of these cases is highly curious to us, as these are allegations that could have been made at any other time if they were genuine, but are only being made now. 

While Jay has a solid legal and support team, the days he has spent in prison have not been easy. We would like to ask all of you that care to continue praying for Jay Israel. As many of you are aware he is a man who loves his mother and his family, they have not been copying very well with the situation as Jay Israel is their source of livelihood. Please include them in your prayers as well. 

We would like to end by thanking those that have been sending messages of support and prayers. We truly appreciate every one of you for your positive words and prayers. This is a very trying time for us all. One thing that Jay always repeated was the need for people to have a PERSONAL relationship with God. His walk with God has been colourful and while his methods may not be what others would use, they were certainly effective in getting his message out. We believe he will come out of this refined and ready to do more for the body of Christ.

For any form of support with regards to Jay’s legal costs please reach to us on +27738287669

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