There is surely no guarantee that one is covid19 negative or positive as one might test negative but still has it, this was clearly explained by a survivor who decided to share his story to save the world.

Elton Mapinge (45) said he was tested for coronavirus three times and results were negative even though he was experiencing symptoms of the deadly virus.

Elton, a family man, farmer and politician, was tested for the fourth time and it was only then that results came out positive.

The COVID-19 survivor, Mapinge said the only way to stop the spreading of the virus is to talk about it and share personal experiences. He said:

“I am one of those who contracted the virus without thinking it would happen. I think I got the virus when I travelled in a car with friends and we closed windows and used the air-con. Little did we know that despite having masks on closing windows as we did was dangerous for us.

After some days I started feeling weak and my condition got worse I couldn’t breathe properly and was taken to the hospital.

I first went to a private hospital but it became expensive for me and decided to go to the provincial hospital where I was put on oxygen and given medication to help me with the pain I felt.

I was tested three times but my results came out negative. I had other tests run but the fourth time my results came out positive.

Then I was sent home for isolation. I stayed with family but had my own room and they sanitised the toilet and bathroom whenever I used them. It was made easy because my family was supportive.”

As of 06 February 2021, Zimbabwe had 34 487 confirmed coronavirus cases, including 28 383 recoveries and 1 316 deaths.

Source: ZBC NEWS

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