Honorable Temba Mliswa said he is proud of the 18 children he has fathered with more than 10 women and takes care of other 600 children as his philanthropic project so he can not be bothered by taking care of his own children

Mr Mliswa spoke after being in the news last week following a fallout in his relationship with Australia-based Ms Susan Mutami who exposed controversial details on their former relationship.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail concerning various issues,Mr Mliswa chose not to dwell much on the break up saying he was preparing to take legal action against some of the allegations that Ms Mutami made against him.

“The truth will come out and I am going to sue her. I am not going to sue because I need the money, I am going to take legal action not for myself but to protect people that were affected by the allegations such as the people of Norton, the Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD) think tank that looks up to me and my family.”

Questioned about his children, he said:

“Yes I have 18 children, and I love them very much. I am proud of them and I take very good care of them. Each term, I pay school fees of about US$25 000 because all my children attend top schools. I have 13 girls and 5 boys,”

He added that he will continue taking care of his children “to grow the clan” as his five siblings “are lazy to make children because they have just two or so”.

As a reason if not marrying any mother of his child, honorable added that he had agreed with the women on bearing children only.

“People are different. I mostly date mature women, who are professionals and know what they want. Most of them

come to an understanding with me just to have children and not get married. I have seen many marriages failing and I see a lot of cheating happening in marriages, so the marriage institution is not as sacrosanct as many people want to claim. What most people do not know is that in addition to my 18 children I take care of 600 other children through the Temba Mliswa foundation. This is in addition to other philanthropic projects that I carry out in my constituency.”

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