Social media is tragic, it destroys lives in a blink of an eye, it has no respect for Human life. This time Zimbabweans went too far. As of late, I Octane posted on Instagram a message of condolence to Soul jah love’s family and he also spoke how he gave Soul jah love a chance to perform for 25 000 people. However, Zimbabweans took to the comments telling I Octane not to blow his horn first. Stunner was at fore front of the whole issue he even posted a post protesting against l Octane and he had this to say “tati hauzvisimbise first.” However, l Octane went on to remove his post.

Soul jah love was a legend but that negative basic mentality being shown by Zimbabweans will make alot of international artist to reserve their condolence messages in fear of Zimbabweans who fist negatively on peoples post.

I Octane and Soul jah love

Recently, Charly Black as one of the international artists posted his condolence message and this shows that Soul jah Love’s music had a positive impact to alot of people. The nature of most Zimbabweans going all guns blazing at international artist is uncalled for and such time like this calls for unity amongst us and join hands to give a proper send off to the King of Zimdamcehall Soul jah love.

Passion java speaking about the issue.

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