A life story that appeared in a local daily this week has left many Kenyans puzzled at the lengths some people will go to stay with the persons they love. According to the story, a lady called Renny hid her HIV positive status to her HIV negative husband, Martin, for ten years! During this period, she continuously had unprotected love with him. Ms. Renny also hid the fact that she was a cocaine addict. Here is the story as published by Stella Cherono in the Daily Nation weekly pullout ‘Healthy Nation’:.

For as long as she shall live, Renny will never forget the look on her husband’s face when she told him she had hidden her HIV status from him for 10 years. Where she had expected a violent reaction — and had even prepared for it — Martin remained immobile for a few seconds, letting the gravity of what his wife had just told him sink in.

And then, to Renny’s shock, he reached out to her, his arms extended in an embracing curve, and gave her the deepest, warmest, longest, tightest hug of her life.

“It lasted a whole 127 minutes!,” she says, her body slightly stiffening at the memory of the moment. “And then the tears started flowing.”

“I was shocked and confused,” Martin jumps in. “As she opened up about everything, I looked into her eyes and realised what a strong woman she was! My lovely wife had been orphaned at a tender age, ridiculed, lived in poverty, traded in and used drugs, got HIV, lost money, lived a lie, but carried all that burden on her own! She needed support now, and that’s why I pulled her for a hug.”

Martin and Renny had a long conversation on how to stay healthy

The couple is now planning to start an intensive campaign to help young people stay away from drugs and alcohol, apart from running their food court business.

“We want to stop stigma against people with HIV, and let the world understand that these special kinds of people need support and care. We do not know how, but sharing this story is the first of our baby steps. Stay with us, for the story has just begun

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