It was an emotional moment for Ms Shally as she narrated how she survived the fatal accident that took Businessman Ginimbi’s life. In very emotional live video posted on social media, she explained how Ginimbi asked her to take pictures before they went out. During the live video Ms Shally’s facial expressions vividly showed how grateful she is to be alive.

As many call it the inner instinct, so it was for Ms Shally when she changed her mind by deciding not to go with Ginimbi to the club. As noted from what she said in the video, suspicion was everywhere even the millionaire Ginimbi, for a second wanted to change his mind, but for him fate was calling louder. Alicia one of the ladies who was there even insisted the party to be hosted at the house which is Ginimbi’s mansion, but the cards were played already there was no turning back.

Ms Shally was feeling tired and decided not to go to the club, by virtue being tired as many noted probably saved her life. In her own words she said “Yeah they went out and little did l know that , you know you would come back in a coffin.” Ms Shally’s voice was very emotional, but somehow grateful that she is even alive.

Ginimbi died in a tragic car accident late last year, on his way to his Domboshava mansion as he was coming from a birthday party. He was with the birthday girl, Moana and two other friends who also were burnt to death in that accident. May their souls rest in peace.

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