It seems as if Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who is popularly known as Daddy Hope has finally decided to go the Twabam Route.

Daddy Hope, who recently broke the internet after attacking the Zimbabwean Youth over following socialites like the late Ginimbi and Prophet Passion Java has released a video of himself in his library singing a “dancehall” song which is not yet known wether he heard from someone or he composed himself. The video is titled #demloot

Social Media users who shared their thoughts on the viral video believed Hopewell Chin’ono was being ignored by the youths because of the way he attacked them.
“Kana achisvotwa nekuti tofarira ana Twabam nana Ginimbi  tichitadza kuteedzera zvake zvekuti tipwanye zvinhu zvevanhu nekurwisana nemasoja, ngaangoita ka zvaiitwa nana Ginimbi nana Twabam vacho ka kuti timufarirewo, pane kungotituka…otherwise ngaasiyane nesu tiite yatirikuita, iye oita yaari kuita, waiziya…” said one user.

(He should leave us alone, why can’t he just do what Ginimbi and Passion Java do, for us to follow him and like him, all he knows is to attack us) Now, it looks like Hopewell Chin’ono has listened and decided to do things that relate with the youths and this has proven to work! Now he is on the mouth of every ghetto youth, which is exactly what US based Gaffa, Prophet Passion Java has managed to do…doing what the youths relate with, e.g. helping ghetto youths and changing their lives in music, arts, media, etc.

The #demloot video has since gone viral with influencers doing challenges on social Media and music producers re-doing the song with their own versions as well as edited videos of the song on WhatsApp.

This strategy has proven to work for the top journalist as he has managed to storm all social Media, not only Twitter but Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok!

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