Ain’t it strange how one can love purely until he/she gets obsessed, selfish so much that they choose to kill for love and die with his/her loved one.

It is reported that a heartbroken man from Gweru killed his girlfriend yesterday before taking his own life too.

A screenshot of WhatsApp chats circulating on Instagram confirms it and sources claim the two had broken up due to issues concerning unfaithfulness.

The man identified as Alex was deeply in love with his lover Christabelle. It is said that the couple was famous in Gweru for serving ultimate bae goals.

A former Midlands State University student, Christabelle famously known for her beauty has left many heartbroken and shocked.

According to News circulating Alex the man himself supplied each and every need and want that Christabelle wanted. He invested so much in the relationship and could not stand seeing his girlfriend with another man after all that he did for her. As a result this break up left him in excruciating pain and clueless.

As a solution for the relationship Alex decided to take his girlfriend’s life and his too, to end pain and disappointments forever.

Cases related to Gender Based Violence and exposing infidelity issues have increased. This is because people are now spending more time at home due to the lockdown. People are idle, helplessly depressed and end up using violence as escapism.

Above all let love lead, we should normalize calling friends and relatives at our lowest and hurting moments for advise and help because violence and murder are never a solution.

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