There are so many conversations that Zimbabwe isn’t ready for and one of them is about Lesbians(girls who are attracted to girls). A young Zimbabwean lesbian decided to give an insight of her life.

Skhumbuzo Khumalo(24) appeared in an interview explaining how the Zimbabwean society reacted to her interest in other women which led to her seeking refugee in United Kingdom.

SK said growing up she had feelings for her gender but she kept denying them as it was a taboo in the society for a woman to love another woman.

The lady states that she could be bullied by other boys, chased in the streets and face neglect in the community.

The victim also added that she ran to UK for refugee and protection as she couldn’t take the mistreatment that came after she had decided to be who she is.

According to the Zim culture being a lesbian is unacceptable and to some it’s associated with demons or Satanism hence not being accepted in the society. Though to some doctors it is caused by hormonal imbalances.

For SK, life is normal now and she plans to continue with her studies, work for herself and have a family one day.

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