Genius Kadungure supported and worked with many people including Mai Titi the comedian. However, no one knew about it except Kadungure’s family until Nelia posted a gratitude open letter to Mai Titi.

Mai Titi is a Zimbabwean comedian, a business woman and a philanthropist who has empowered crowds especially women and orphans. Her personal life consist of two beautiful daughters and Obina, her newly wedded husband.

There are no doubts that the lady has tried by all means to make a change in her future. From being abused by her husband, poverty stricken past and self esteemed woman to a powered, independent hardworking woman. Her story empowers many.

In an Instagram post Ginimbi’s sister expresses gratitude, love and respect to Mai Titi for her hard work in her personal life and their lives too as she would go to the mansion crack jokes and make everyone laugh.

“One of the toughest strongest woman I know Mai Titi. I remember back in the days when she used to work for my brother Ginimbi and Zodwa, uchipfeka ka short nekamini skirt telling us stories making the whole office laugh….I love you feli for days and I’m happy to witness your progress knowing where we came from.

There are no doubts that Feli worked hard and polished her job perfectly when she was given the chance to work for the rich family.

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