Beautiful Songbird Ammara Brown is one of the most relevant artists in Zimbabwe having been exposed to music when she was just a toddler.As the daughter of legend Andy Brown one can see that an apple does not fall far away from the tree.

Ammara Brown was born to an Indian Mother Soraya Khan and her father Andy was Zimbabwean from his mother’s side and German from his father’s side.She has a som Khameel who has an Angolian father who is a professional dancer based in South Africa.

At 13 years old , Ammara who learnt to play mbira and piano at only 9 recorded her first demo and that got her a contract with then Gallo Records which is now ZMC.At 15 she became The Storm’s backing vocalist in which her dad was the band leader.

She won Music Crossroads a Sadc competition and went on to be in Top 10 of Idols Africa in 2008 together with Adionah Maborekwe-Chidzonga who is now a tv presenter on Zambezi Magic on a show called Our Perfect Wedding Zimbabwe.

Ammara Brown was later eliminated on position 5 and this made her perform at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa alongside the late rapper Flabba.This marked her career in Zimbabwe where she was not really celebrated.

Since 2013 she has proved to be the best vocalist following her songs with Jah Prayzah , Enoch Manhenga , Tytan , Mr Eaze , Gemma Griffiths and her own solo hits.She is now a judge on Amazing Voices , an all africa music competition show on Africa Magic.

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