According to H-Metro, Genius Kadungure’s family is taking lawyer Patricia Darangwa to court, accusing her of tempering with Ginimbi’s Will.

Ginimbi’s sisters Nelia and Juliet and their Father Anderson Kadungure are challenging the authenticity of a document presented by the Lawyer Darangwa. The family claims the document is imprecise and not dated.

Juliet who is the sister of the late Maestro Ginimbi claims that the family was entitled to protect its interests in Ginimbi’s estate and would not rest until the alleged imprecise is solved.

Ginimbi’s family have refused to accept the originality of the will as it lacks Ginimbi’s signature. The Kadungure family went all educated on Darangwa as they claim the Will falls out of the requirements of the Wills act.

As of late, Darengwa crossed path with The Kadungure’s family over the issue of handling the Lamborghini to Kitkat

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