Nakamba’s arrival at Villa park has drawn a large crowd behind him especially the Zimbabwean folks. The excitement of many could not be contained after watching Nakamba wearing Aston Villa jearsey. However, the Midfielder’s style of play was never something that could adopt quickly at Villa park and this came with precautions as he could not play a full match. It became a negative basic mentality for Nakamba’s fans as all hope was fading away bit by bit.

From what seems to be a bad season for Nakamba at Villa park, it even got worse as rumours started to circulate as veld fire, claiming that Nakamba could be loaned to Newcastle or a team in Spain of which the team wasn’t revealed since it was not yet Official. However, Nakamba’s fans lately were slapped with a reality clap in the back as Aston villa’s departure plans of players did not involve the midfielder Nakamba. For a moment his fans did take a sigh of relief. But still, the necessity for Nakamba to adapt quickly to Aston villa’s style of play must be his priority.

As analysed, Jack Grealish has Aston villa at his finger tips as the whole team is supposed to copy with his style of play and from what seems to be a shocker the last two games played by Aston villa Nakamba was one of those players fast enough to distribute the ball where it was needed by Grealish. With that in mind, Hope is not lost after all for Nakamba, But his fans with a concerned gesture, encouraged him to up his game and dig deep in his bag of tricks.

Nakamba as noticed by Aston villa is a force to be reckoned with, and he could be a lethal weapon if he adapts quickly. Besides the fact that he is even playing for Aston villa is vivid evidence that he is good enough to make a difference. Its only a matter of time but fans only what they can do for now is cross their fingers and hope for a better future for Nakamba.

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