Things on popular etv soapie Scandal always have a twist.

Not longtime ago, we were introduced to successful but ruthless businessmen. Mamba.

Mamba runs the show and he throws those that dare to oppose him astray.

We were also introduced to Mamba’s druggie son Duma. Now Duma was locked out of the house due to his white plague.

Even though he’s trying hard to urge his life back on target, there’s always that tension between him and his father.

Now, Mamba’s right man who does all his dirty work, Gorbachev, features a soft spot for Duma.

When Duma has locked out of the family home years ago, Gorbachev has been supporting him financially.

Goba is certainly Duma’s father he loves the guy far more than he loves Aya.

Scandal fans have already started speculating that Duma might be Gorbachev’s son in since he was introduced on the screen but then this will mean trouble in the Mamba mansion.

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