Sir Wicknell’s response to his sisters after they complained about his wife, Sonja, aggravated them even worse. This led to the exposure of more scary detail this morning with V11s.

Wicknell Chivayo’s Sisters complained about their late mother’s mistreatment by his wife. They said Sonja was disrespectful and showed clearly that all she ever wanted from Wicknell was money.

The fact that Sonja had the guts to name their mother a witch and send them to see her with said in their pockets and shoes did not go down well with Aunty Moe.

In response Sir Wicknell posted a video of himself singing along to nzenza song by Exq ft Freeman. The song is all about a man who says he is proud of his wife even if people say she is not a wife material.

The video did not go down well with Aunty Moe, his sister as she released screenshots of Wicknell complaining about his wife to one of his sisters.

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