The show continues as Jacob Dube popularly known as Jay Isreal is to be deported from South Africa to Zimbabwe anytime soon after being found guilty of using fraudulent documents by Johannesburg.

Jacob Dube popularly known as Jay Israel was arrested in the North of Johannesburg for acquiring fraudulent documents was denied bail by Johannesburg high court and was remanded in custody.

Whilst in custody Jay Isreal said he was clean and people were trying to trap him but they could not find him guilty in anyway. He said he knew that Alph Lukau was behind all these scandals and he was going to come for him after the storm.

Prophet Jay Isreal applied for a bail after spending two nights in Douglasdale police station in Northern Johannesburg where his bail was denied.

After the court found the self confessed false prophet guilty of possessing fraudulently acquired documents the verdict is that he will be deported from SA.

Two body guards that he abandoned testified that Prophet Jay Isreal was in possession of two fake passports and visa which he used to validate his stay in South Africa. They added that he was a thief they were ready to testify against him in the court.

From his videos, prophet blames Alph Lukau for dragging him in this dilemma as he says they found nothing wrong to blame him about so they have planned to blame it on his documents. He also warns prophet Lukau and says he is coming for him after the war is over.

In a statement he says:

“I know I know that this is Alph Lukau doing this, and he is still sending people to come and harass me I’m sure he wants to make sure that I die, he wants to make sure that I’m locked up, I’m sure this is his time to retaliate but that won’t happen”

Prophet Jay Isreal was found Guilty and denied bail in court hence he will be deported to Zimbabwe.

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