“l received a phone call from my wife only to hear my daughter is missing”,that was Trust Aribeto the Father of the late child narrating the horror he experienced. It is reported that Trish a 4 year old girl was killed by a crocodile after she got close to a near by river.

Trust Aribeto, the father of the late child.

Trust Aribeto narrates the Story with disbelief. As he arrives at the scene of the horrific encounter, he was greeted by Mother in law’s cries of disappointments as she laments why the father had let the child meander on her own. According to National parks Wildlife, so far 10 people have died from crocodile attacks since January.

The father and the people who were at the scene managed to recover the remains of the late child, they managed to do so after seeing the crocodile departing the other side of the river, but still, reality could not change for them, Trish was no more.

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