The late Cde Luke Phibion Masamvu who succumbed to covid 19 left behind 12 wives and 79 children of which such responsiblity for the man came as a shock to most Zimbabweans. As a man who was well known to be successful, its a well known fact, that he left behind a sprawling business empire and as of now every member of his family wants a bite.

It is reported that there’s already some differences and rubbing of shoulders between family members on the issue of who is getting what. With some suggesting if there is to be a will it should be read now before things escalets. However, the deceased’s brother John Masamvu as he was being interviewed by the Sunday Mail echoed that a lawyer is handling Cde Masamvu’s estate.

Legal experts concludes that, if a man leaves behind two widows, the senior wife gets two thirds of the inheritance. In this case, complications are starting to appear. However, it appears the inheritance plan is drawn specifically to benefit the widows and their children of which that would be a good thing. With so much complications and speculations rising from Cde Masamvu’s family all eyes are on what the will is going to say.

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