Bounty Lisa’s participation on a tribute song featuring Prophet Bushiri has raised controversial questions about her. As if showing up on the Superstar’s funeral was not enough, the artist is working on a music video that reflects more on Sauro.

Some video scenes that were posted today present Bounty Lisa in the midst of Soul jah love’s Pictures. Bounty Lisa will be wearing a long dress wearing black representing sorrow.

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that Bounty Lisa had divorced with Jah Love way back before his death. Sources has it that Soul Jah Love had moved on and was madly in love with another lady who showed up on the funeral gathering.

The sudden appearance of Bounty Lisa devastated Jah Love’s fans as she had failed to show him love when he was alive.

Her participation in the tribute song has distributed many fans. Raising questions as to why she now decides to show him love after his death when she was supposed to love him when he was alive.

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