Media personality and Hip Hop artist Boity Thulo suffered injuries following an altercation at Courtyard Hotel on Thursday evening. Bujy Bikwa allegedly took things too far and threw a bottle of alcohol at Boity, cutting her face and causing her to be ferried by an ambulance to the hospital for admission.

Eyewitnesses revealed the two were drinking together while having a discussion about Sangomas and ancestors before the argument got heated. The two media personalities began shouting and each other before a fight started.

Bujy, a former television presenter engaged in a fight with the Wuz Dat hitmaker, beating her up and leaving her with marks of cuts on her face.

Eyewitnesses revealed Boity was wearing a white top and blood-stains could be seen all over her clothes. An ambulance was called to take Boity to the hospital to get her wounds to be treated.

Boity subsequently opened a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm against Bujy at the Midrand police station. Bujy was arrested shortly and spent the night in the police cells before appearing in court. Neither Boity nor Bujy could be reached for comment.

Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed an assault case was opened by Boity but declined to shed more light on the matter.

Bujy made headlines in 2017 when he stabbed two neighbours at Orange Farm causing them to be hospitalised at Sebokeng hospital.

He denied injuring the neighbours but claimed he was defending his brother who was about to be attacked by the two men holding a baseball bat and a knife.

Unfazed by the reports of the assault and the scars on her face, Boity took to social media and uploaded a beautiful picture of herself, suggesting she might not have a scar after all.

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