Passion java with his emancipated character is always on the verge of provoking the equilibrium and starting a debate. As of late, he announced the legendary return of Garamumba iwe season 2. However, Passion java left his fans tail wagging as he gave the power in their hands to choose between Bev Sibanda and Mudiwa. The show by virtue speaks for itself as the Season 1 in 2020 proved to be a force to be reckoned with, the likes of Van choga went viral in a blink of an eye through the Garamumba iwe show.

Battle of supremacy between Bev Sibanda and Mudiwa’s fans on the map has proven to be shallow as the comment section with no doubt favoured Bev Sibanda. With no doubt, the Garamumba iwe season 2 is going to cause havoc on social media as the hunger for entertainment during this pandemic of covid 19 is increasing day by day.

As noted, Passion java through his endorsement of Zimbabwean music, it is no denial fact that the Garamumba iwe season 2 is going to be a success. Besides they don’t call it the Bee year for nothing.

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