The jiti singer has dropped exclusive pictures on his Instagram account that have taken social media by surprise. Are you sure Baba Harare’s other name is not Valentine?

Baba Harare (Braveman Chizvino Mawanza)The Reason Why singer surely did not come to play this Valentine’s season. To prove that he is surely the father of the city he has effortlessly drawn people’s attention through exclusive pictures that he has been posting on his Instagram page for the past four days upto today.

Today the jiti musician dropped his pictures dressed in stylish designer pants and a muscle top showing off his masculinity.

Baba Harare

The comment section is currently on fire and fans are completely blown away and trying to figure out how the man has suddenly become a slay king.

It is important to note that besides his music career Baba Harare is also a gym personal trainer and he seems to be passionate about it.

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