Love is a dangerous game, it drives you crazy you won’t even recognize your limits. To some people when it comes to love age is just a number. However, today we look at Male Zim celebrities who dated older women than them and the ending of these relationships was war.

  1. NOX

The well known musician Nox back in the days dated socialite Paida Zvirikuzhe who was older than him. However the two had a messy break up which led to the release of Nox’s n_ude pictures with Paida exposing to social media that Nox used to cheat on her on all occasions.

2. Tytan

Between Tytan and Olinda there is an age difference of 6 years. However in 2018, Tytan announced that he had paid Lobola for Olinda Chapel. In 2019, the two had a nasty break up which haunted Tytan to an extent that he would cry on live television. The main cause of the break was a misunderstanding, Tytan claimed that Olinda did not tell him that she was HIV positive.

3. Zizoe Pamyk.

Zizoe Pamyk suffered the wrath of Mai Tt after their nasty breakup. In 2019 Mai Tt and Zizoe Pamyk confirmed their relationship and even promised to wed before November 2020. However, things didn’t go according to plan as the relationship ended in tears.

4. Khama Billiat.

Back in the days, Khama Billiat was reported to have dated Beverly Sibanda a dancing sensational. Chigova who is part of the Zimbabwean national football team went on to reveal the truth as he mentioned that Beverly once put Khama Billiat in her profile picture. He even mentioned that the two would cuddle in Chigova’s car. Its no secret Beverly is older than Khama Billiat. As of late, Beverly recently replied to allegations that claims that she is HIV positive, in her response she said if l was positive Khama Billiat would not be playing football.

5. Ginimbi.

The late Ginimbi dated Zodwa Mkandla who is older than him by eleven years. It is reported that the two were together for a long time and then they broke up in 2016. The cause of the breakup remains unknown up to date.

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