Sue Monk Kidd once said,

Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we are here.

For Soul Jah Love, Life was a battle full of ups and downs but expressing himself through music was the most interesting thing he ever did when he was alive.

Sadly, most people when they saw Soul jah love when he was alive they would see drugs written all over his face. However, when he was being interviewed by Power fm some years back he cleared the air by saying,

People when they hear i have fallen off stage or anywhere they would think drugs caused it of which they don’t know im diabetic.

Its true most people didn’t know Soul Jah Love. So by virtue as Zimupdates crew we compiled 5 things you probably didn’t know about Soul jah love.

1. He had a twin brother John Musaka, who died at the age of 15 from an illness which remains unknown up to date. Most people didn’t know he had twin brother, they probably think he was born alone.

2. Did you know that last year 16 February 2020, Soul jah love was involved in an accident on his way to a show in Kwekwe and only to die 16 February 2021, could this be a coincidence or fate was calling bit by bit. It can also be noted that Soul jah love survived more than 2 road accidents. In 2016 he survived another accident which took place in Gweru on his way to Victoria falls for a gig.

3. His mother died when he was a year old. Soul jah love was really sensitive about his mother and he went on to express how he missed his mom in his song called “Mwana waStembeni” in which he wished his mother was alive so that he could have a shoulder to lean on.

4. He had cancer, most people didn’t know Soul jah love was diagnosed with Cancer, they only knew he was diabetic from the age of 7. So much you didn’t know about Soul jah Love right ?

5. He refused a collaboration with Jah prayzah. As of late, Jah prayzah on his Instagram account went on to expose the truth which is that Soul jah love turned him down 3 times. Jah prayzah had this to say,

I remember you asked me if we could do a song , 3 times my answer was the same, who in the right mind would not want to do a song with Soul jah love. You stood me up at the studio on all 3 ocassions and some how i still find it funny.

Well folks life is full of surprises and anything can happen, anytime, any place.

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